Umbrella InsuranceLiability Insurance offers even more protection.

Otherwise known as a “Personal Umbrella Insurance Policy,” this type of liability insurance is designed to provide liability protection over and above the limits afforded by your existing insurance policies.  A personal umbrella policy helps to protect you against excess liability judgments for loss, injury, or even death caused by negligent acts.

An unexpected catastrophe can result in large judgments, and in today’s society, lawsuits are occurring with alarming frequency, and the monetary awards can be very high.  What kinds of unexpected events are we talking about?  Things like your dog biting someone, a delivery person tripping on a crack in your sidewalk and becoming injured, your child having a friend over to play and the friend is injured while playing.

A personal liability insurance policy helps protect your assets and future earnings by providing additional coverage when the limits of your primary auto or homeowner policy are used up.

Always expect the unexpected……..don’t forget your umbrella!


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