Blue Ridge Insurance Services, Inc. was established by Karin K. Flagle in Harrisonburg, Virginia in September, 2006.  The original office was located in a leased office space at 963 Reservoir Street, with six people on staff.  At that time we offered Health and Life insurance, representing Anthem, Optima, Southern Health, and lots of ancillary carriers.  Our staff consisted of people with many years in the insurance business, and we were blessed with great, loyal clients who supported Karin’s efforts to launch a brand new agency.
In an effort to provide a greater range of insurance to our clients, Karin immediately started planning to add a Property & Casualty insurance division.  In 2007, BRIS was appointed with Erie Insurance Group, one of the highest rated carriers in the area, and the P&C division was born.  New people were hired, more carriers were added, new opportunities took shape……. and our office space started to get crowded!
In 2009, Karin began the search for a larger space.  Karin looked at quite a few options, including a large vacant building just a little ways up the road.  She went through the building, but it needed extensive renovations and didn’t seem feasible.  The search continued, and gradually Karin realized that the vacant building deserved another look.  She and several of her team toured the building again and this time, with LOTS of imagination, we were able to start seeing the building for what it could be rather than the disaster that it was. Soon, efforts to purchase the building were underway.  In April, 2010 Karin closed on the building and the renovation project began.  It was a very rewarding experience to bring an abandoned building back to life.

In October, 2010, we left our cramped offices for the beautiful “new” building up the road.  Karin completely remodeled the interior, and also went to a lot of effort to beautify the exterior, which was much appreciated by the neighborhood.  Our building includes a large training room for seminars, a smaller conference room, a fantastic kitchen for in-house catering and entertaining, as well as individual offices for each team member, which in turn offers comfort and privacy to our clients when they come in to meet with their agent.

BRIS has been blessed with rapid growth since Karin started the agency back in 2006.  The original staff of six has now grown to fourteen.  We are eternally grateful for a great group of clients who have entrusted us with their insurance needs and we strive every day to provide them with best service possible.

Our Mission

Here at Blue Ridge Insurance Services, Inc., we don’t have a formal mission statement. However, this is what we want you to know about our agency.

We are committed to our staff and clients.  We strive to provide a positive atmosphere for our team, and to build relationships with our clients based on integrity, respect, and superior product knowledge and service.  We are interested in establishing and preserving longstanding, mutually advantageous relationships through proactive, prudent insurance advice.  The success of our agency depends on the success of our clients, and we are dedicated to developing the appropriate insurance solutions to provide the best coverage at the best price with the best insurance carriers we can find.

Sounds kind of like a mission statement……but we don’t need it hanging on a plaque on the wall.  We don’t read it, we live it.

At BRIS, we think out of the box when it comes to finding insurance solutions for our clients.  One of Karin’s favorite quotes:

“Nothing drives progress like the imagination. The idea precedes the deed.”

– Theodore Levitt

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